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Niranjala Mahebadevan

My children have been learning to play the piano with Nigel for four years now and every lesson has been a pleasant and fun experience. Both children have been enjoying their lessons and progressed well to do their grade 6 and grade 5 ABRSM exams and my son has passed Grade 5 music theory with merit too. I would recommend Nigel to anyone who would like to play the piano or study music theory.

Rejani Kumar

Nigel's positive attitude and enthusiasm has really encouraged my daughter to progress with her piano grades at a good pace. He makes lessons very interesting by mixing exam work with pleasure playing and is very responsive to the learning needs of his students.  He is also very professional in his approach to work. 

Jen Porter

Nigel is an excellent piano teacher, his enthusiasm for the piano has rubbed off on my son. My son has made good progress and recently won a talent show playing the piano and this is due to Nigel's great teaching. Piano lessons with Nigel has also improved my son's confidence as he is comfortable getting up in front of others to play piano. Thanks Nigel! 

Jon Byford

'Nigel's infectious enthusiasm and skill as a teacher combine to both motivate and inspire you as a student. He provides great insight and employs a range of teaching styles to create an environment where learning to play the piano really is a joy.' 

Karen Jacobs

My son James  (7 years old) was losing interest in playing the piano so I changed teachers to Nigel. Now he loves playing the piano and has just passed his grade 1 exam. What a difference a fun, brilliant teacher makes!! Thanks Nigel.

Nicola Kerwin

My daughter chose Nigel for her tutor herself. After her group sessions with him through her school came to an end she wanted to have private lessons and chose to follow Nigel rather than take up the tutor on offer through the school. She enjoys her lessons and likes Nigel's sense of humour.

Rachel Parkhurst
 ‘My seven year old daughter looks forward to every piano lesson with Nigel. Nigel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his lessons and with his infectious enthusiasm and happy personality every lesson is fun and exciting. If you want a piano teacher Nigel would be my number one choice.

Sally Speight

My daughter adores Nigel and has consequently progressed enormously. I believe this is due to Nigel's innate ability to read her character and to tailor each lesson to her mood. He is a brilliant teacher of whom I cannot speak highly enough, and has made learning the piano easy and fun for her. 


Bettina Weir

 Nigel has been teaching my daughters for a few years now. In Nigel we have a teacher who always gives our daughters challenges, offers honest feedback, instils confidence and has patience in ensuring their development in keyboard/piano. 


We love Nigel's calm & happy manner and his enthusiasm reflects on the children's enjoyment during their lessons.


He is professional, a great communicator and is very good in knowing the individual needs of the students and prepares them well for their exams.


We happily recommend Nigel to anyone who is interested in learning to play keyboard/piano and are very grateful that we found him. 

Susie Morley 

My children have been having piano lessons with Mr Chapman for several years now and have thoroughly enjoyed them. He makes the lessons fun, yet also manages to get the children to progress well through their music grades. He has an excellent rapport with younger students and manages to get the best out of them.

Jenny Lindop
I couldn’t recommend Nigel highly enough, he has a natural way with children and my 3 love going to their lessons.  He’s always cheerful and funny and makes learning enjoyable, combining grade pieces with pieces for fun like pop songs and Christmas songs.  

They’ve sailed through their exams and are all keen to continue learning. Thanks Nigel! 

Chris Mathlin

Nigel has been coaching my daughter in pianoforte for several years now where she has sofar achieved success in grades 1 through 4. His manner and approach as well as his enthusiasm for teaching music is second to none, so much so that my daughter now wants to go for grade 5 .    

Keep doing what you do...! 

Tomie Dumbrill (Christopher (Age 7)
Nigel is a super piano teacher.  He will make learning the piano so fun. I think it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed my lessons with him.

Simon Radford

Nigel Chapman is an absolutely fantastic Music Theory teacher! After only a short period of study with him and with no previous grades under my belt, I have already comfortably passed my Grade 5 Theory exam first time with Distinction. Nigel’s enthusiasm is infectious and this together with his kind, encouraging manner and profound knowledge of both music and teaching forms a dream combination. Skype lessons with him are just as effective as taking classes in person and he also provides additional resources when necessary to reinforce his teaching. I have no hesitation in recommending lessons with Nigel – thank you so much for everything!

Denis Wilde

The best part about learning music theory with Nigel is that he finds simple ways to explain complex concepts. He helped me cover the entire syllabus in a very short span of time. A lot of funny little one liners like, "minors dig deep and majors get promoted", helped me remember some fundamentals that at times could be confusing. He encouraged me and kept me motivated, which is as important as anything else. The end goal was to get a distinction, and Nigel helped me achieve it. I wish there were more teachers like him.